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Bonnie was born in May 1993 in Hamilton, OH with German, Jewish, Polish ancestry. By the age of 18, she won the Ms. Dead Indiana pageant as a fetish model and shortly after that started stripping. Her first adult performance was in 2012 in a gangbang feature. Her talent in squirting gained an important role in her later career, and the industry placed pretty high hopes in her. She was fifth from the 10 Porn Stars Who Could Be the Next Jenna Jameson by LA Weekly in 2013, and in 2014 one of The Dirty Dozen: Porn's Most Popular Stars by CNBC. 2014 also witnessed Bonnie to start an independent production company, Mental Beauty, with her first direction being the show To the Core. As for present, the tattooed adult model's last appearance was with Rocco Siffredi, before announcing retirement due to her pregnancy. She has some 30 tattoos currently, but we eagerly await to re-check their number after her hopefully grand return.

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Why oh why doesn't Evil Angel have new scenes with Bonnie Rotten yet?  She's back!  Bring her here!  If you need ideas, I second the suggestion of Megan Inky and Bonnie together, but surround them with anal worthy cocks!   Or to celebrate both of their returns to porn, a scene between the tattooed goddesses Jane Marie and Bonnie Rotten (with strap-on) fucking each other's every hole and unleashing wet loads of cum on each other.  Then, they shower each other with two champagne bottles at the end of the scene.  Glorious!  Cheers!  Happy New Year!
2018-12-05 08:14
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Brazzers has her on an exclusive contract as of right now. That being said, it's a shame because we all know she would be doing way more raunchy stuff for EA.
2019-01-07 12:53
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Oh please get Megan Inky and Bonnie to work together . I would love to watch them squirt on each other , or other girls.......
2018-11-23 11:53
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Bring more movies.... Bonnie is back !!!
2018-11-01 12:09
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I've never written a comment before bu scene3 shows why Bonnie is the best ever, hands down. She obviously loves what she's doing.
2018-09-23 17:38
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rotten down :)
2018-06-15 11:07
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2017-10-03 07:44
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The hottest bitch ever to fuck on film. I'd love to drink a quart of her pussy squirt and suck on her prolapse. I damn sure hope she returns to porn. She gave birth and, if she comes back as a MILF at the tender age of 24, she will be the hottest fucking MILF in porn.  Her future and fortune is very bright!
2017-08-23 11:57
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Dreams come true, but not yet to Evil Angel.  She's back though!  And hot as ever!
2018-12-05 08:15
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Mr. Mr.
Her motivation knows no bounds.
2017-07-30 06:46
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Possibly the greatest pornstar ever
2017-07-01 06:19
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