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This made me cum so many times  omg
2019-03-03 21:49
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Rocco is a fucking sex machine,i love his work
2019-02-15 16:45
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A legend but tends to take a back seat (no pun intended) more now. His forays into Eastern Europe and how he coerced naive young girls, who knew who he was and why they were there, into anal sex and sex with black men, who they had never seen in the flesh; not always succeeding are great viewing.This was before girls had smart phones and were posting selfies of themselves. His failed attempt to coax a young Riley Reid into anal and failing is another great episode. The most believable, realistic Tarzan ever.
2019-02-12 09:38
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Scenes are good I love them all
2018-12-30 10:13
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I am italian but I hate siffredi for his lack of respect to girls! He his a such a small man!
2018-12-11 10:53
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Go Rocco Go!
2018-07-02 20:07
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A porn legend, no doubt.  But should have stayed retired.  His stuff has been rubbish for at least 4 years now.
2018-05-21 16:59
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