Squirting Karlee's Multi-Flood Fuck

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Directed by Toni Ribas
Description : Naturally curvy stunner Karlee Grey's torrential squirting floods herself and director/stud Toni Ribas. The pretty, brown-eyed girl strips out of lacy lingerie and masturbates to her first soaking orgasm. He eats her pussy (shaved but topped by a huge bush) and fingers her to another blast. When the fucking starts, the teeming girl cum flows repeatedly as Karlee screams, wails and howls. Riding cock, her butt bunches; Toni pulls hair, chokes, spanks, manhandles and slam-fucks her to more monster squirting. She slobbers deep-throating dick; he wrings out her soaked panties over her face and feeds her more girl juice by hand. A buzzing wand and Toni's tool generate more amazing squirting. Exhausted, drained Karlee jacks his jism into her sucking mouth.

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Karlee is so beautiful. Love the bush
2018-08-06 20:58
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Karlee has one of the hottest bodies in porn, and you showed us one piece of her body at a time from every single angle...but you never once backed the camera up and showed us her WHOLE BODY! You guys are awesome! Total genius' !!
2018-07-17 01:40
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Karlee is Uber hot. A non-stop cum machine in this stellar vid.
2018-07-15 07:39
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